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Possible MySQL Solutions for iOS Apache/HTTPD Server

Great news, we have possibly found a solution for a iOS/iPhone device Web server’s MySQL component. Throughout the internet, this seems to be the mission link for making any iOS device a web server. Right now the biggest issue we have now is making sure that it is of a legal origin. Right now we […]

Unofficial Guide for a Fully Functional Web Server on iOS

I have found a reasonably good guide to making your iPhone iOS device into a Apache HTTPD server, and I will be updating this page as time goes on. This is only missing MySQL, and preferably a more native build of apache. First off, make sure you have jailbroken your iPhone iOS device, and have […]

iApache iOS HTTP Server

The first step in the process of turning a iOS device into a true web server is getting a real build of Apache for iOS. I giving it an original name iApache seems like a valid, but humorous, name; even though it should in theory just be httpd compiled for arm.

Jailbreak your iPhone… Legally!

The Library of Congress finally ruled to allow: Computer programs that enable wireless telephone handsets to execute software applications, where circumvention is accomplished for the sole purpose of enabling interoperability of such applications, when they have been lawfully obtained, with computer programs on the telephone handset. Which means the very existence of this website can […]