“Where a new invention promises to be useful, it ought to be tried” – Thomas Jefferson

iApache iOS HTTP Server

Apache iApache HTTP server for iPhone iOS

Apache HTTP Server Project

The first step in the process of turning a iOS device into a true web server is getting a real build of Apache for iOS.

I giving it an original name iApache seems like a valid, but humorous, name; even though it should in theory just be httpd compiled for arm.

I have found a number of pre-compiled versions of apache (like that on OSx), however I do not know how or where they were compiled, and furthermore if they are legal/ethical. Therefore I will not post these, rather I would like to find someone who knows how to, or has compiled/cross-compiled the true apache server for the ARM processor.

If anybody knows how to cross compile

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  1. Nothy says:

    Maybe lighttpd will be better for iOS. lighttpd also can support php and mysql.

  2. Clesio says:

    I am available trying it on my iPad2 or trough a cross-toolchain on Linux, even if, having tried building apache before, I already tell you there won’t be any problems until you’ll try to start the server, ending up with “12: bad system call”
    I believe this is caused by APR but I have no workaround

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