“Where a new invention promises to be useful, it ought to be tried” – Thomas Jefferson

Get iOS running a Web Server

iPhone Running Safari... Soon to be running localhost.

We need to break down exactly what the goal is… Our goal is to make any iPhone device into a web server (ideally apache/httpd server) with MySQL and PHP support.

This is also known as a iOS LAMP server.

Presently, the only working items in existence is lighttpd, and PHP. Personally, I am not a fan of lighttpd… it is too buggy, and too vulnerable, and no MySQL.

We need to be able to have a full blown LAMP server running, and this site is geared to be the development site and hub of this technology.

I have rounded up a few existing posts that already have this topic, but no solid answer exits yet.

If you know how to cross-compile any of these items, and have them legally, please leave a comment describing this, and I will get it publicized.

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  1. Kamikengen says:

    I have an iOS compatible MySQL installer, that functions in the same way as any other MySQL install, and it runs rock solid.

    The only complication that I found was getting MySQL’s functions available in PHP. If you can do that, then we have a solution.

    • nitrx says:

      Awesome! Can you confirm that is is a legal build? If so, I am sure that someone has a connector for this (I would have to imagine it would be a fairly simple build).

      Provided the above works, please post a link to it and instructions on how to use it and I will update the “unofficial” how-to page.


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